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How can I make joint custody work?

by | Jun 23, 2019 | Custody & Visitation

Joint custody is preferred by most courts since it allows a child to form close bonds with both parents. Even under the best of circumstances, co-parenting can still be a challenge, especially when it comes to logistical concerns. Parents Magazine offers the following tips in this case so you can navigate common issues with ease. 

Find a plan that works for your family

There’s no end to co-parenting formations when it comes to scheduling. For example, some parents choose to alternate weeks while others will break up visits during the week and alternate weekends. When customizing your own schedule, keep the needs of your kids in mind. You and your ex’s work schedules should also play a role, as should how far away you live from each other and any academic obligations your children have. A plan only needs to work for your family, so don’t worry if yours seems outside the norm. 

Communicate respectfully

You’ll need to discuss your parenting plan at length with your ex as time goes on. If this seems like a daunting task, utilize technology to limit stress and discontent while communicating. For instance, if you’re prone to arguing in person, relegate all communication to text and email. This method also serves as a good reminder in case one parent forgets the agreed-upon schedule during the course of the week. 

Don’t speak ill of your ex to your kids

In the same token, keep all insults and badmouthing regarding your ex to yourself. Your child doesn’t see your partner from the same perspective you do, so when you badmouth the other parent your child is likely to take it to heart. This can damage your relationship as well, so save any venting for best friends. When talking about your ex, always remain respectful, even if he or she is in the wrong. 

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