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Managing a new school year after a divorce

by | Sep 14, 2019 | Custody & Visitation

Indiana families who have experienced a divorce and are now in the midst of adjusting to a new school year will no doubt find that this school year feels distinctly different than the previous ones. Children as well as moms and dads will notice the changes and it is important for the parents to take steps to ease the transition and awkwardness to help kids focus on their school and social experiences, not their changing home lives.

The Washington Post explains that divorced or separated parents should collaborate on schedules and share appropriate details with their children’s teachers, especially when their kids are still in elementary school. This can help to avoid confusion when one parent comes to pick a child up, but the teacher expects the other parent, for example. The goal should always be to avoid uncomfortable situations in which the child feels different or is inconvenienced by the fact that their parents are no longer married to each other.

Parents magazine indicates that streamlining communications between the school and the family members is important. One way some families have done this is to create a new email account for the student that both parents have access to. This address should be the only one used for communications to teachers and administrators.

Having one email account ensures that both parents are kept in the loop about everything without putting an additional burden on the teacher. It also helps kids know that both parents are aware of the same facts and provides a consistent experience in both homes.




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