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Nurturing the parent-child bond over a distance

by | Nov 13, 2019 | Divorce

When parents divorce in Indiana, the pressure of employment or family obligations may force one parent to move far away from the children. In most cases, this is the father, but mothers can also be non-custodial parents who need to cope with long-distance parenting. Especially when combined with the emotional weight of the divorce, a far-away parent can be challenging for a child. Kids may feel rejected or like their parents do not care. However, there are some tips that parents can follow to nurture the parent-child bond even across many miles.

Online communication is a major tool that parents and kids can use to stay connected after divorce and over a long distance. Whether parents opt for regular texting, WhatsApp chats or video calls over Skype or FaceTime, this regular communication means that a parent can be an active part of a child’s life even from cities, states or countries away. These chats should not be rare; on the contrary, regular communication and reliability are central to cementing closeness between parents and children. While these calls or texts can be short, parents should take care to show close interest their children’s school activities, friends or hobbies.

When a long-distance parent gets in-person time with the children, knowing about their life can help to make that time more special. The parent can inquire about their friends or even meet them or their parents. Parents can also plan hobby-based activities with their children during a visit. Most importantly, parents can continue to show love and care over a distance with their actions and words.

A divorced parent can take action to maintain a loving bond with their children even over a long distance. A family law attorney may work with a divorcing spouse to help them reach a fair settlement on parenting time and child custody.

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