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Patience is imperative for grandparents seeking visitation

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2019 | Grandparents' Rights

When a couple decides to divorce in Indiana, a majority of the attention turns to their children and who will be primarily responsible for caring for them. Often, this involves detailed negotiations regarding the best interests of the children, their individual needs and the living situations of each of their parents. However, whatever happens to the grandparents if their child becomes estranged from their spouse and their grandchildren become alienated? 

Grandparents may experience a significant disappointment when they begin to recognize that seeing and spending time with their grandchildren is becoming more difficult and could potentially be rare in the future. According to the State of Indiana, grandparents do have the right to request visitation from their grandchildren. However, they should be well aware that just because they ask does not guarantee that their request will be honored. Often, courts will weigh multiple factors in determining whether or not continued contact with the children’s grandparents is something that will benefit them. says that while many grandparents strongly desire to continue having contact with their grandchildren, they should be patient in waiting for an outcome and respectful and cordial in seeking visitation. Otherwise, their grandchildren may feel conflicting pressure to choose between their grandparents or their parents which could cause strain on other important relationships. They may also experience feelings of guilt, doubt and anxiety. One of the best things that grandparents can do in those types of situations is to express their unconditional love and support to their grandchildren and let them know that they are always there for them.  

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