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How does divorce work in Indiana?

There was a time in Indiana and most other states where divorce was nearly unheard of and was only conducted with special dispensation. Now, however, the end of a marriage is more common and more laws deal with the various issues connected to it. Fortunately, anyone who wants a divorce generally has a road to get one.

"Gray divorce" carries financial consideration

A growing number of older couples in Indiana and across the country are choosing to end their marriages later in life. Nationally, the divorce rate for people 50 and older has doubled since 1990, at the same time when the rate has stayed stagnant or even declined for other generations. There are a number of reasons why more people are deciding to end their marriages in their golden years. People are living longer, healthier lives and want to enjoy their time, and parents who waited to separate until their kids were grown may now not care. In addition, older Americans are members of the same generation that changed social attitudes about divorce overall.

Keeping cool and collected during the divorce process

People in Indiana who decide to divorce may be tempted to seek revenge against their former spouse, especially when the end of the marriage involves complex issues like infidelity or addition. Both spouses may feel a great deal of anger and pain, and they may be tempted to transfer that emotional reaction to the divorce case. However, there may be good reasons for people to process their emotions with friends or a therapist while remaining cool and collected during the divorce proceedings.

How parents can help their kids to get through a divorce

Indiana parents who decide to divorce often worry about how their children will be affected by the separation. While divorce takes an emotional toll on both spouses, it can also cause long-lasting emotional scars for the kids involved. However, the way that parents deal with the decision to split up can have a significant effect on how the children handle the situation. There are several ways parents can provide extra support to their children during and after the divorce process.

The main reasons women file for divorce

Popular culture often portrays women as the victims of divorce, left by their philandering husbands after decades of faithful partnership. The truth, it turns out, is a much different picture. In the vast majority of cases, it is the wife who initiates a divorce. Most women in Indiana and across the country file for divorce for reasons that fit into these broad categories.

Prenuptial agreements and when to insist on having one

A common source for squabbles and outright disputes in Indiana family law centers around the prospect of prenuptial agreements. The person asked to sign such an agreement is often offended at the implication that the marriage will not work out or that he or she is looking to receive the other person's assets. From the perspective of the spouse who wants the document, it is designed to protect them in case the marriage fails.

Divorce survey reports regrets over lack of financial knowledge

Indiana couples who are planning on getting married might want to consider getting a prenuptial agreement. A prenup can help protect people financially in case of divorce, and in the course of creating one, couples must communicate about money. It is important for both people in a marriage to be knowledgeable about their financial situation. According to a survey by Fidelity Investments, people who took the longest time to recover financially from a divorce were those who were not involved in the family finances.

Holiday season known for leading to surge in divorce filings

The end-of-year holiday season offers many families in Indiana an opportunity to spend quality time together. For people in troubled marriages, however, the holiday season often represents a final period of family togetherness before people announce that they are filing for divorce in January. Family law attorneys generally agree that they experience a surge in new clients and divorce filings in the first weeks of the New Year.

Nurturing the parent-child bond over a distance

When parents divorce in Indiana, the pressure of employment or family obligations may force one parent to move far away from the children. In most cases, this is the father, but mothers can also be non-custodial parents who need to cope with long-distance parenting. Especially when combined with the emotional weight of the divorce, a far-away parent can be challenging for a child. Kids may feel rejected or like their parents do not care. However, there are some tips that parents can follow to nurture the parent-child bond even across many miles.

Managing investments during a divorce

The fact that financial challenges can affect marriages is nothing new; some married individuals with student loan debt said that the debt was a factor in the dissolution of their marriage. Indiana residents may be interested in learning how to manage their investments through divorce.

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