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How should you handle your summer custody schedule?

As summer arrives in Indianapolis, so too does the desire of parents to want to take advantage of the school summer break to go on vacation with their kids. Planning an extended vacation was no doubt much easier when you were still married, yet the fact that you are now divorced does not deprive you of the right to get away (with your kids in tow). The question is how do you make a vacation fit into your current custody schedule

Tax dependent status and divorce

Indiana parents who get divorced often end up with more to consider than they may have initially thought about. For many people, concerns center around when and how often they will get to see their children. Even in today's society, fathers especially need to focus on this in order to ensure that they do not get the short end of the stick here. In addition to this amount of time spent with their children contributing to positive parent-child relationships, it may also have financial ramifications for dads.

Single mothers in indiana and the options

The meaning of divorce can vary depending on a wide range of factors. Some Indiana families jump easily over the obstacles of finding a new home, completing mounds of paperwork, dividing assets, and in many cases, taking care of children. But some experience months, and even years, of distress. The issue of child support may always be a controversial one, but support in regards to single mothers is a relatively new focus in the public eye. 

Understanding who covers the kids' healthcare costs

The emotions felt between divorcing couples in Indianapolis tend to run high give the circumstances surrounding the termination of their marriages. Yet despite any negative feelings they may have towards their ex-spouses, divorcing dads still typically maintain a strong love for their kids. It is that same love that buoys them in their efforts to offer continued support to their children. One area of support that must be considered is their kids' ongoing healthcare needs. Information shared by Becker's Hospital Review shows that as recently as 2014, $3 trillion was spent on healthcare in the U.S. The need to cover children's healthcare expenses is apparent; the question is who is primarily responsible for it following a divorce? 

Dual-licensing: a new approach to adoption

When it comes to child adoption in America, each state contains different guidelines and agencies. Regardless of state, however, adoptions may be either domestic or from other countries. Similar to many states, Indiana encourages those interested in qualifying for adoption to also apply for the license to foster.

Ex parte orders explained

As a single or divorced father in Indianapolis, your nightmare scenario may be having your custody or visitation agreement modified or terminated without notice. While some may tell you that this is impossible, many of the clients that we here at Schembs Law has assisted in the past have faced this scenario. The court may, depending on the circumstances of your case, decide to issue an ex parte order. This is essentially an emergency ruling made at the request of another for which you do not have to be notified of prior to being put into effect. Understanding when such orders may be issued may help you in challenging one that has been requested in your case.

Examining custodial rights for unmarried fathers

Most may assume the matter of child custody in Indianapolis to be fairly cut-and-dry: when parents separate, both the father and the mother have equal custodial rights. Yet what if you are not married to your child’s mother? Many men come to us here at Schembs Law after having separated from their children’s mothers wondering what sort of custody rights they may have. The answer is often not an easy one. There are, however, methods through which you may be granted such a benefit.

Alimony in Indiana

When couples in Indianapolis divorce, concerns may immediately arise over how each side will be able to support him or herself. Most may assume that in these situations, alimony may be awarded. In certain cases, they would be right; after all, census information shared by Forbes shows that as recently as 2014, 400,000 Americans receive some form of spousal support. Alimony laws in Indiana, however, are somewhat unique.

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