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Custody dispute continues to prove costly

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Custody & Visitation

Many in Indianapolis may often ask how is it that divorce cases can become so expensive. This question no doubt arises from the assumption that when a couple chooses to divorce, they often want to everything needed to end their associations with each other. Yet oftentimes it may not be that easy. Disputes over child custody and support can go on for years, during which time those involved in them can accrue massive legal bills. Even divorce settlements and custody agreements are finalized, divorced couples may still have to continue to work together and support each other in fulfilling their custody and support arrangements.

A closer look at the case of reality television star Bristol Palin and her former fiancee. The pair share a son together, over whom they engaged in a lengthy custody battle which forced the fiancee to pay (by his own omission) over $100,000 in legal fees. Yet even after paying such a large amount, it is still alleged that he owes even more. An attorney who helped him during the custody dispute is now claiming (in a lawsuit) that the owes over $12,000 for services the attorney provided.

While this story may show how the costs associated with a divorce (and subsequent custody proceedings) can become exorbitant, they should not necessarily deter those who feel as though such costs are justified in order to adequately see to the safety and security of their kids. Perhaps the best lesson to be learned from stories such as these is the wisdom in working together to resolves disputes amicably (and in a much shorter amount of time). Such a feat may be easier said than done, however. Yet if one has the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to rely on, they may find it much easier to pull off.

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